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Crafting New Pathways: A walking-stick-making workshop with Sámi artists Jenni Laiti and Tilde-Ristin Kuoljok

 In this workshop the Arctic Sámi craft and the New Mexican landscape meet. Participants make their own walking sticks with from locally sourced materials from Santa Fe and crafting materials from Sápmi. This workshop is led by Sámi duojárs (masters of traditional Sámi crafts) Jenni Laiti and Tilde-Ristin Kuoljok. While working, Laiti and Kuoljok will talk about Indigenous peoples of the Arctic, the Sámi and their traditional crafts, duodji.

Registration and a $10.00 fee to cover materials are required for this workshop.  To register, send an email to:

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The Sámi people are inhabiting their ancestral territory in the Arctic which encompasses large northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and most of the Kola Peninsula in the Russian side of Sápmi in particular. The Sámi people are the only Indigenous people in the European Union and there are approximately 100,000 Sámi. Traditional Sámi livelihoods include fishing, hunting and gathering, handicrafts, and reindeer herding; these pursuits continue today, incorporating modernized ways of practicing them. 

The Sámi have been a nomadic people living in the Arctic landscape in a reciprocal way. Walking has been the most conventional way of traveling in the pre-industrial fossil free world. There are over 350 words in the Sámi language for different kinds of walking, and the walking stick has been an essential tool for moving around.

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