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Color at Work: Storytelling in Branding, Packaging and Commercial Imagery
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Color at Work: Storytelling in Branding, Packaging and Commercial Imagery

September 22, 2022
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

At the Museum of International Folk Art, Vernick Auditorium

The Museum of International Folk Art Design Council presents this 45-minute run through the rainbow which gives us a peek into the nine color families discussed in Keith Recker’s new book Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls and gives examples of how they are used in design, media and communications. From historical figures Charles V of Spain and Madame de Pompadour to pussy hats and gilet jaunes, color works on us in mysterious ways, and diving into the spectrum gives us insight into how.   

Book signing following. This is the national debut of Deep Color.   This event is free, but registration is required. 

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The Museum of International Folk Art Design Council is a creative community of thinkers, makers, and innovators dedicated to elevating and advocating for the aesthetic, social, and global connections between traditional folk art and modern design. 

For more information, please contact Steve Cantrell, Chair, MOIFA Design Council,

About Keith Recker Writer, editor, and trend and color forecaster Keith Recker’s client list includes global influencers including Pantone, WGSN, Stylus, Color Association of the United States, and more. He brings to this work 35 years of adventuresome, insightful, multicultural experience in media content creation, marketing and licensing, merchandising, and global artisan business development, to name a few strands woven into his diverse career. Join him in color explorations on Instagram: @thechromosapien  

Among his many endeavors is his role as Editor in Chief and Co-Owner of TABLE Magazine. Based on the culture of food and drink, TABLE explores travel, interior design, fashion and jewelry, and other facets of modern living, in both print and digital formats. Follow along @tablemagazine  

He is also the author of three books on color, Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls, True Colors: World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pigments, and co-author of PANTONE: The Twentieth Century in Color.

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Photo credit: Keith Recker’s work table, photo by Michael Parente.

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